Enhanced Unitary HVAC Maintenance

Application Instructions

Please have the following information available prior to beginning:
  • Business Contact Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email
  • Service Provider Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email
  • BGE Account Number
  • Complete Unitary HVAC Diagnostic Tune-up Performance Worksheet
    • Pretest unit air flow and refrigerant system
  • Technical Sheet – which provides details on the incentive offering and technical requirements.
The Unitary HVAC Diagnostics Tune-up Performance Worksheet can be obtained by contacting the program at 410.290.1202 or Business@BGESmartEnergy.com.

Pre-approval from BGE is required for all applications. Prior to performing an HVAC tune-up, the customer must receive written approval. Once received the customer must perform necessary maintenance and adjustments to achieve a minimum System Effective Efficiency (SEE) of 85% as confirmed by post-testing.

Per HVAC Unit Incentives
  • $175.00 for single compressor units
  • $250.00 for multiple compressor units
  • $35.00 if post test results indicate < 10% increase in SEE or if unable to achieve post test SEE ≥ 85%
Remember: Pre-approval is required for all projects. Please review the Terms & Conditions for online applications. Fill out the form electronically using our convenient, fillable PDF to save time, paper, and hassle.

BGE will process applications for payment in the order received and will authorize payment upon the application’s review and approval. The incentive check will be mailed 6–8 weeks after the project’s completion and payment approval.
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